Don’t Wait for a National Holiday: Tips to Organize your Garage Now

Posted on October 19, 2012 by Clever Quarters

Did you miss National Clean out Your Garage Day Sept 8?  That’s OK.  You don’t have to wait another year to tackle the clutter in your garage.

Before: Stuff that has no other places to go end up sitting on the corners and the sides.
Before: Shoes everywhere

Here are three Any Day, Any Time Tips for organizing your garage:

Think Vertically
After: Making sense of your garage space with a nice hobby workshop for the boys, finally all the tools have their own place.

Some people like to convert their garages into offices, playrooms and “man caves.”  And those are great ideas.  But, if you want to leave room in your garage for its intended purpose — housing your car —  move storage items to the walls of your garage.

Consider vertical shelving or, if you’re especially clutter-prone, vertical cabinets so you can close the door on unsightly items.

Sarah, the author of a blog called Thrifty Decor Chick, found that getting items off the floor of her garage wasn’t enough.  She shoved so many things on open shelves that she ended up with about as much mess on the walls as she used to have on the floor.

According to Fox News, Sarah solved the problem by investing in closed-storage pieces.  There may still be a mess behind the doors, but no one has to see it.

Learn about how you can take advantage of genius solutions on garage overhead storage, garage wall organization solutions and how you can simplify your life using heavy duty garage cabinets.

Think Safety
After: Spacious garage cabinets to store seasonal items or used as extra pantry storage. Open ventilated shelving for recycle bins, sport gear, shoes and garden tools.

Even if you don’t mind a little — or a lot — of clutter in your garage, there’s a critical reason to clean up the mess:  Safety for you and your family.

Antifreeze stored on the floor or your garage may spill.  This can be toxic — even deadly — to your dogs and cats.  Static electricity from the flick of a light switch can cause propane tanks to explode, and ladders can topple over and injure your loved ones, according to garage safety tips from the DIY Network.

Some items, such as gas barbecue grills, should be moved out of the garage (a shed that stands at least 10 feet away from your house can protect it during the winter).

Get any other hazardous items off the floor and, if the walls of your garage don’t provide enough storage, consider overhead storage solutions.

After: Polyaspartic garage flooring finishes up the space, makes your garage shine and easy to maintain.

Think Outside the Box
After: Shoes stored nicely on the ventilated shelving. It is not just a shoes shelf, it is teaching the kids how to do it right.

We mean this literally.  Cardboard boxes are ideal for moving, and you may want to hang onto some specialty boxes — the original packing boxes for your computer or TV — but paper containers are a fire hazard and won’t protect their contents from water damage.

So, unload the cardboard boxes.  Find safe, durable containers for the items in the boxes that you really want to keep.

As to the rest, throw it out.

Organizing your garage is not just about finding room for all of your clutter.  It’s about eliminating the clutter you don’t need.

Need help sifting through the good, the bad and the ugly?  Not sure where to begin on a makeover for your garage?  Our team of professional garage organization experts will be happy to help.