October 5, 2023

Optimize Your Garage Space: Clever Quarters Guide to SteadyRack Bike Storage Solution

Garage Transformation


At Clever Quarters, we are dedicated to providing custom garage makeover solutions. Recognizing Vancouver's dynamic outdoor lifestyle, we design garage organization systems that align with and enhance the city's lively outdoor activities. Garage wall organizers are pivotal in ensuring a clutter-free and functional space, particularly for households with an active lifestyle. These systems not only offer a dedicated space for tools and equipment but are also invaluable for sports enthusiasts, providing efficient storage solutions for gear, including bikes.

Challenges of Bike Storage in Garages

Storing bikes in garages introduces specific challenges. They consume a substantial amount of floor space, often leading to cluttered environments. When bikes are leaned against walls or other objects, they can easily tip over, risking damage to both the bike and any nearby vehicles. Improperly stored bikes can become safety hazards, potentially leading to accidents or injuries.

The SteadyRack Bike Rack Solution

The SteadyRack bike rack emerges as a transformative solution, addressing the prevalent challenges of bike storage in garages:

  • Space Efficiency: The SteadyRack's ability to pivot stands out, allowing bikes to be stored against the wall. This design not only reduces the footprint of each bike but also facilitates the close storage of multiple bikes without handlebar interference.
  • Ease of Use: Unlike traditional racks, with SteadyRack, users can conveniently roll their bikes into the rack at ground level and then pivot them into place. This design eliminates the need for heavy lifting, making it accessible to all family members.
  • Versatility: SteadyRack offers diverse models to cater to various bike types, ensuring an optimal fit and storage solution for every bicycle variant.
  • Protection and Stability: The unique design ensures that the bike's weight is mainly supported by the frame, not the wheels, reducing the risk of wheel damage. Once positioned, bikes are securely held, reducing the risk of accidental knocks or falls.

Available in Five Distinct Designs

SteadyRack offers five bike rack variants, each tailored to specific needs:

  1. SteadyRack Classic Rack: Suitable for most bikes with tire widths up to 2.1”, this versatile rack ensures the bike's weight is supported by the frame, safeguarding the rims.
  2. SteadyRack Mountain Bike (MTB) Rack: Crafted for mountain bikes with tire widths between 2.1'' to 2.8".
  3. SteadyRack Fender Rack: Designed for bikes with fenders, it accommodates tire widths up to 2.4” and ensures fenders remain undamaged.
  4. SteadyRack Electric Bike (E-Bike) Rack: Built to bear the additional weight of e-bikes, ensuring they're stored securely.
  5. SteadyRack Fat Rack: Ideal for bikes with wide tires, it can hold tires up to 5” in width.
SteadyRack Classic Rack
SteadyRack Classic Rack
The SteadyRack Mountain Bike Rack
SteadyRack Mountain Bike Rack
The SteadyRack Mountain Bike Rack
SteadyRack Fender Rack
SteadyRack Electric Bike (E-Bike) Rack
SteadyRack Electric Bike (E-Bike) Rack
SteadyRack Fat Rack
SteadyRack Fat Rack

Installation Methods

There are two methods of installing the SteadyRack on the wall:

Direct Wall Installation:

In this method, the SteadyRack is mounted directly onto the wall. This involves securing the rack's base plate to the wall using appropriate fasteners, ensuring it's anchored to wall studs for maximum stability. Direct installation is straightforward and doesn't require additional components. By anchoring directly to wall studs, the rack can support the weight of the bike without any issues.

SteadyRack Slatwall Mounting Bracket | Clever Quarters

Installation Using an Adapter Kit:

In addition to the direct wall installation, we provide a versatile solution using a slatwall adapter kit tailored for our garage slatwall organizer system. This kit includes a bracket that attaches seamlessly to the SteadyRack, which can then be affixed to the slatwall. This design ensures adaptable placement of the bike rack.

This method offers several advantages over the direct wall installation:

  • Versatility: The adapter kit allows for easy repositioning of the SteadyRack on the slatwall, catering to changing storage needs or garage layouts.
  • Optimal Space Utilization: Slatwalls are designed for modular storage, and by using an adapter kit, one can maximize the storage potential of the wall, accommodating other tools or items alongside the bike.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Slatwalls provide a uniform and sleek appearance, and integrating the SteadyRack into this system results in a cleaner, more organized look.
  • Reduced Wall Damage: Since the rack is mounted on the slatwall and not directly on the wall, there's minimal damage or alterations to the wall itself.

In combination with the SteadyRack on slatwall, you can leverage slatwall accessories like wire baskets and versatile slatwall hooks to allocate storage areas for helmets, gloves, and other accessories, ensuring that all biking-related gear is stored in an organized manner. Our garage cabinets could be an alternative storage for your bike gear when you decide to have the SteadyRack installed directly on the wall.


Bike storage in the garage doesn't have to be a daunting challenge. With Clever Quarters' expertise and innovative solutions like SteadyRack, you can transform your garage into an organized, efficient, and visually appealing space. Ensure your bikes are stored safely and accessibly while maximizing your garage's potential. Ready to elevate your garage storage game? Contact us today and ask for a free design consultation.

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