February 1, 2023

Pat & Ted's Garage Transformation: Maximizing Garage Storage Space

Garage Transformation


In a relatable tale that resonates with many homeowners, Pat and Ted Serne found themselves facing a common challenge after moving into their new home in Surrey earlier this year. Despite their new abode being significantly larger than their previous Coquitlam townhome, the couple discovered the universal truth that one can never have too much storage space. Determined to optimize their garage for storage purposes, they embarked on a journey that ultimately led them to an ideal solution.

Discovering Clever Quarters:

After obtaining several professional quotes, Pat and Ted came across the Dream Home Lottery show home, featuring an impressive garage donated and installed by Clever Quarters. Intrigued by the possibilities, they decided to reach out and explore their options.

Ted remarked, "The Clever Quarters designer who worked on our garage was highly professional and provided us with a quote within an hour and a half. What's more, by the end of his visit, we had a complete 3D diagram that helped us visualize our future space."

"With our new home and fully finished basement, we soon realized that our storage space was insufficient. The garage seemed to have become a catch-all for items we couldn't find a place for.", Ted explained.

The Garage Transformation:

Within a remarkable timeframe of less than two days, the garage underwent a complete metamorphosis, resulting in the following improvements:

  • Decorative Polyaspartic garage flooring was installed, enhancing the garage's overall appearance.
  • Two overhead storage racks were added above the garage door, providing ample storage space for lawn furniture, storage bins, holiday decorations, camping gear, and CDs/DVDs.
  • A HeavyLift Hoist was incorporated to conveniently store their lawnmower, table saw, tool box, and pressure washer. The hoist's design allowed for easy loading and unloading without the need for a ladder.
  • Wire shelves on grids were implemented to organize shoes and recycle bins.
  • Garage Slatwall Organizers was installed along the right wall, serving as a practical storage solution for their bicycles, golf equipment, gardening tools, and other sports gear.
  • The addition of garage cabinets, complete with a 6-foot workbench space and a built-in refrigerator, further enhanced the garage's functionality.


Satisfaction and Appreciation:

Thrilled with the outstanding results, Ted expressed his gratitude towards the installation crew. Not only did they assist in arranging the garage organizers to clear the floor space, but they also offered valuable guidance on organizing the garage to suit their specific lifestyle.

Garage Overhead Storage
Garage Overhead Storage

Garage Wall Organizers
Garage Wall Organizers


Pat and Ted's journey to maximize their storage space in their new Surrey home led them to Clever Quarters, a reliable solution provider that effortlessly transformed their cluttered garage into an organized haven. With their garage now optimized for both storage and hobby pursuits, the couple can enjoy their spacious new home to the fullest.

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