April 1, 2023

Fun & Games: A Garage Transformation to a Playroom

Join the Fane family from Port Moody, BC, on their exciting journey of transforming their narrow garage into a storage and playroom. Discover how Clever Quarters overcame design challenges and created a functional space that caters to their daughter's needs. Explore the benefits of locked cabinets and the joy of having a versatile dual-function room.

Garage Transformation
Garage Turned to Kids' Playroom with Storage and Workbench


When it comes to space, the Fane family from Port Moody, BC, knows the struggle all too well. After a fantastic holiday with their one and a half year old daughter, Gwynne and Matthew Fane found themselves faced with a familiar problem – not enough room to accommodate their daughter's ever-growing collection of toys. Despite moving into a larger house to address their need for space, they realized that effective organization was the key.

Overcoming Design Challenges:

The Fane family's garage presented a unique set of design challenges due to its narrow layout. Gwynne expressed her initial concerns, sharing, "Our garage is very narrow and has a couple of design challenges that I worried would be show stoppers for the Clever Quarters crew. "However, the determined Clever Quarters design consultant was committed to finding a solution. Multiple options were mocked up until they discovered the one that best suited the family's intended use of the space.

A Dual-Function Room:

The transformation of their single car garage exceeded the Fane family's expectations, resulting in a storage and playroom combination that delighted Gwynne and Matthew. Matthew, who now shares the space with his daughter, expressed their satisfaction, stating, "We absolutely love our newly renovated garage." The addition of cabinets provided a practical solution for organizing their belongings, and the ability to lock them away brought peace of mind, ensuring their daughter's safety, finished with beautiful, durable and easy to clean garage flooring system.

Before Garage Makeover
Garage Before
After Garage Makeover
After Garage Makeover

The Benefits of Organized Storage:

With everything neatly stored in locked garage cabinets, the garage was successfully converted into a versatile dual-function room. It now serves as a dedicated play area for their daughter while maintaining its role as a storage space. The Fane family appreciates the convenience and efficiency of having everything in its place.


Join the Fane family from Port Moody, BC, as they embark on the exciting journey of transforming their narrow garage into an organized storage and playroom. Clever Quarters, with their expertise and commitment, overcame design challenges and created a functional space that perfectly suits the family's needs. Discover the advantages of locked cabinets, providing both organization and child safety. Experience the joy of having a versatile dual-function room, where fun and games seamlessly coexist with efficient storage solutions.

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Askari Sabbaghi
Askari Sabbaghi
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Askari, founder of Clever Quarters, specializes in transforming homes through smart organization and design. His passion lies in leading a talented team committed to creating functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces. Under his guidance, Clever Quarters has become synonymous with enhancing everyday living through thoughtful organization

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