March 1, 2023

A ‘Pit Stop Fit’ for a Pro Garage Makeover – Shane’s Garage Story

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Garage Transformation
Garage Turned to a Man Cave For Buddies Hangouts


As a professional race-car driver, Shane Bourel living in Richmond, BC, understands the significance of a garage that combines functionality with captivating aesthetics. Beyond being a mere storage space, Shane's garage serves as a multi-purpose haven where he entertains guests, indulges in video games and poker, and works on his race-car and bike. A true masterpiece, Shane's garage was brought to life through the innovative designs and craftsmanship of Clever Quarters.

The Garage Transformation:

Designed to match Shane's unique requirements and style, his garage boasts a striking black ceiling that adds a touch of drama. Clever Quarters meticulously integrated a custom-designed TV and an 8-foot stainless steel workbench equipped with drawers for his tools. To enhance the overall appeal, the polyaspartic garage floor was coated with a Graphite ¼" finish, while the powder-coated garage cabinets in Granite color with a stainless steel countertop exude a sleek and polished look.

Garage Storage
Garage Transformation

Thrilled with the final result, Shane expressed that his experience with Clever Quarters was everything he had anticipated. He remarked, "The final result was excellent." One aspect that stood out to Shane was Clever Quarters' space design process, which allowed him to visualize exactly how his garage would look before the transformation took place.

"When I first saw the computerized mock-up, it looked terrific, and I quickly agreed to proceed. Other companies only vaguely described how my space would look," Shane shared. The installation process was swift, completed within a couple of days, with meticulous attention to every detail.

"When I first saw the computerized mock-up, it looked terrific, and I quickly agreed to proceed. Other companies only vaguely described how my space would look," Shane shared.

Shane's Pride:

Shane takes great pride in showcasing his Clever Quarters Garage. In fact, during his recent wedding reception, Shane went above and beyond by hosting overflow younger guests in his garage, highlighting its versatility and welcoming atmosphere.

The transformation of Shane's garage into a truly spectacular space has left him with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. He proudly declares that his garage is now something to "be proud of."


Professional race-car driver Shane Bourel's quest for afunctional and aesthetically appealing garage led him to Clever Quarters. Through their expertise and innovative designs, Clever Quarters successfully transformed Shane's garage into a work of art. With custom features, garage floor coating, and sleek cabinets, Shane's garage has become a testament to his style and a space that he can proudly call his own.

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