January 10, 2024

Closet Organization Tips: How Best To Store Your Items

Discover how to transform your closets into beautifully organized, functional spaces with Clever Quarters. Our guide offers expert tips on closet organization, from innovative storage solutions to stylish design ideas. Whether you're dealing with a cramped space or aiming for an aesthetic upgrade, learn how to maximize every inch of your closet and keep your belongings neatly arranged.

Custom Home Storage
A Custom Reach-in Closet

Are you among the many homeowners seeking effective ways to reduce clutter and maximize storage space? Tackling closet organization doesn't have to be overwhelming. Welcome to Clever Quarters, your go-to experts for smart, space-saving solutions.

In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the secrets to achieving a clutter-free, beautifully organized closet. Discover our top closet organization tips and storage solutions that seamlessly blend functionality with style. From optimizing closet layouts to implementing innovative organization techniques and ensuring easy upkeep, we cover everything you need to know to transform your storage spaces. Let Clever Quarters guide you through the essentials of efficient closet design and maintenance, enhancing both the utility and elegance of your home.

Expert Closet Storage and Organization Tips

Wave farewell to the days of a cramped and inefficient closet. With just a few simple adjustments, you can unlock the potential of your closet space, transforming it into an area that's not only more spacious but also easily accessible. As you explore these practical tips, prepare to be amazed by the significant improvements they can bring to your closet.

These recommendations are designed for everyone, whether you're aiming to elevate the visual appeal of your closet or dressing room or seeking effective strategies to keep clutter at bay. Tailored to meet various needs, these tips will help you create a closet space that's as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

A Walk-in Closet with hanging and drawers and pant rack
A Walk-in closet with hanging and drawers and pant rack

Make Use of All Closet Storage

Don’t fret if you live in a smaller home that doesn’t feature a walk-in closet or dressing room. You can still optimize your minimal storage space with a bit of creativity and insight from a professional designer. Go through your entire bedroom closet and sort all of the items that are crucial to your daily wardrobe.

Keep the items you wear most frequently in your bedroom closet, and find a new home for the remaining items. You can easily spruce up coat or linen closets by adding stylish wallpaper and clothes rails. If space allows, you can install a shelf to store boxed items or shoes that don’t see everyday use.

Effective closet organization is key for anyone living in a small space with minimal storage. Take advantage of any empty cabinets you have around your home and use them as extensions of your closet.

A luxury walk-in Closet with an Island unit
A luxury walk-in Closet with an Island unit

Incorporate Drawers and Shelves

A top tip for efficient closet organization is the strategic use of drawers and concealed shelves, particularly for folded items. Implementing a built-in system that skillfully combines drawers and shelves can significantly elevate the cohesiveness and functionality of your closet.

When deciding what to store in each compartment, consider your personal preferences and organizational habits. Reflect on these key questions to optimize the placement of your items:

  • Shelf vs. Drawer: Which items are better suited to being stored on a shelf rather than tucked away in a drawer?
  • Visibility and Access: How easily visible do you want each item to be? Consider whether having certain items in plain sight will encourage their use or help you decide when it’s time to declutter.
  • Usage Frequency: Will increased visibility increase the likelihood of using certain items or remind you when it's time to let them go?

These considerations will help you create a tailored and efficient storage system within your closet, ensuring every item is stored in the most suitable space.

Optimizing Hanging Space in Your Closet

Not every piece of your wardrobe is suited to being folded in a drawer or placed on a shelf. That's why incorporating ample hanging space in your closet design is crucial for certain types of garments.

It's important to hang items that are prone to wrinkling or creasing when folded. However, also consider the potential for certain clothes to lose their shape if hung. Some garments are versatile enough to be either hung or folded. When faced with this choice, think about optimizing the type of storage space available to you. Choose a storage method that not only preserves the condition of your clothes but also aligns with your lifestyle and daily routines.

A section of a custom closets with hanging sections and pant rack
A section of a custom closets with hanging sections and pant rack

Put the Spotlight on Shoes

For many homeowners, shoes tend to be an afterthought when organizing closets. Pairs can become mismatched and cluttered throughout the closet, making it difficult to grab the ones you need that day. One of the best closet organization tips involves an easy-access space for your shoes.

Your closet will take on a high-end appearance when you add custom cabinetry to display your shoes. Devoting a section of your walk-in to shoes can give the space a less cluttered look since you can display all pairs instead of scattering them across the floor.

Utilizing Open Shelves

Shelving can make a huge difference when organizing your closet. You may already have shelves behind closed doors, but incorporating open shelves can drastically transform your space. Open shelves provide easy access to items and are a smart investment to store your everyday pieces like a favorite sweater or pair of jeans.

You can keep items that need protection from the elements behind closed doors and display other pieces on an open shelf. Determine what will be most visually appealing and put those items on your open shelves.

Some of the biggest benefits of incorporating open shelves include:

  • It forces you to keep an organized appearance.
  • You can get creative with how you style your pieces.
  • All items are within reach.
  • It can make your closet space feel bigger.

The biggest drawback of open shelving is that dust can accumulate on the surface. Be mindful of the items you store on these shelves and regularly wipe them down to eliminate dust or grime.

Follow an Open Design for One Part of Your Closet

Does the thought of open shelving or hanging space overwhelm you? You don’t need to follow an open design for your entire dressing room. However, keeping a small section of the space open can improve your aesthetic.

This is one of the best closet organization tips because it lets you show off your favorite parts of your wardrobe. Consider equipping most of your walk-in closet with closed cabinets and drawers while making one small section feature open shelves and hanging space. You’ll have some of your favorite items on display while containing the remainder of your wardrobe.

This tip is helpful for anyone who wants to ease into their organizational skills. It allows you to keep most of your items behind closed doors while keeping one section free of clutter.

Add a Rail for Your Pants

Long dresses or coats require adequate hanging space in your closet. Pants, on the other hand, can hang at a lower height without compromising your total storage space. Create a section for jeans or trousers rather than hanging your pants with the rest of your wardrobe.

One way to optimize an open space is to add a rail near the top of the cabinet for your pants. Your trousers won’t hang very low when you loop them through a hanger, giving you additional space at the bottom of the closet. Fill this portion with a set of drawers or extra shelving to get the most out of your storage space.  

Install a Central Island

If you’re looking for closet organization tips that improve your interior design aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with installing a central island in your dressing room. Even a small island can make a massive difference in the functionality and visual appeal of your living space.

The island will house additional drawers that you can use to store overflow items. Take advantage of the countertop by placing jewelry or other accessories on it. Finish off the look by keeping decorative flowers atop the island and add a small seat extending off it that will be perfect for putting on shoes and heading out the door.

Let Clever Quarters Optimize Your Closet Storage

These closet organization tips are at the forefront of every project Clever Quarters takes on. Our team of designers knows how to enhance any closet space, big or small. We can make it more efficient by getting rid of clutter and more functional by implementing stylish furniture options.

Invest in your home’s aesthetic and reach out to Clever Quarters for custom storage solutions that won’t disappoint. Call (604) 464-1999 or use our online booking tool to schedule a free design consultation in the greater Vancouver area to learn about maximizing the potential of your living space.

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Margarita Kulieshova
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Margarita, a skilled design consultant at Clever Quarters, excels in creating organized, stylish spaces that reflect her clients' personalities. As a young mother, she blends practicality with design flair, transforming homes into serene, functional retreats. Her passion for enhancing lives through organization shines in every project.

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