Clever Quarters is launched: Custom Closets, Storage Solutions

Posted on March 15, 2011 by Clever Quarters

We have launched Clever Quarters, the provider of premium custom closets and storage solutions, in March 2011 in Metro Vancouver in time for the spring cleaning season to get your home organized and styled.

Clever Quarters: Custom Closets, Storage Cabinets

We offer custom design solutions, particularly storage cabinets and organizers for closets, entryway, basement, home office, media room, pantry, and laundry. Clever Quarters serves clients in Metro Vancouver, and Fraser Valley.

Our products lines will continue to focus on garage cabinets, flooring, and organizers and will shift under Clever Quarters over the next few months.

“We have a lot of happy customers from our garage product line who wanted solutions for the rest of their homes” explains Askari, the General Manager. “It made sense to expand our service offering to other interior spaces.”

Some of the most used parts of each home also tend to be the most overlooked by way of design. Poor design leads to under-utilized, inefficient, and unorganized spaces, which impacts everyday living.

“We start and finish our day by reaching in our closet to get dressed. We spend a fortune accumulating our wardrobe. Yet when it comes to keeping it organized, the closet tends to be an area we pay minimal attention to.” states Askari. “It impacts how prepared we are for the day and how quickly we can get ready.”

We address this issue by bringing function and style to the various quarters of each home. Professional designers visit homeowners for a free consultation to determine functional requirements of the space and the style. If the design is accepted by the client, we design and build the solution.