Anti-Slip Industrial Flooring: Lush Cosmetics

Posted on January 16, 2011 by Clever Quarters

Lush Cosmetics, a manufacturer of some of the world’s finest soaps and oil based bath products, takes workplace safety very seriously – especially when it comes to slippery floors.

Chris Smith, Lush’s Facilities Manager for Western North America, sees slip-and-fall related injuries as a major problem for cosmetic plants, where slippery build-up on the floors can create a hazardous working environment for employees.

In fact, according to Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), some sixty thousand workers in Canada get injured annually due to slip and fall accidents. This number represents about 15% of the “time-loss injuries” accepted by workers’ compensation boards or commissions across Canada. Per CCOHS, statistics show that the majority (over 60%) of falls happen on the floor resulting from slips and trips.

That’s why, earlier this winter, Chris contacted Clever Quarters about low maintenance, anti-slip, commercial flooring options. “Each of our production rooms has a different type of slippery build-up. The previous flooring was dangerously slippery and hard to clean, wasted time and money in maintenance” said Chris.

The plant’s flooring was a safety issue, but Lush couldn’t halt production to install new flooring. “We understand that our industrial, commercial and institutional clientele can’t just close-up for renovation as it would be very costly and impact their commitment to their customers. So, as was the case with Lush, we worked within their schedule to get the job done, without impacting production” said Askari Sabbaghi, President of Clever Quarters.

No down time was a huge selling feature for Chris, but more so was the unique product attributes and the above and beyond service he received from Clever Quarters. “The Clever Quarters team assessed our old plant flooring and took the time to learn how we use the space. The new floor is easy to clean and the staff and senior management are very pleased with the finished product” Chris beamed. “One staff member even described it a 900% improvement, he was elated at how easy it was to walk around without slipping” he continued. “Not only would I recommend Clever Quarters to friends and other businesses, but also when I renovate my garage, I’ll be contacting them for sure”