Pat & Ted’s Garage Story

Posted on December 20, 2010 by Clever Quarters

Earlier this year, Pat and Ted Serne faced a challenge many homeowners face. After moving from their Coquitlam townhome to their new home in Surrey, they quickly realized – you can never have too much storage space. Although their current house is considerably larger than the last, they needed to become better at using their garage to store their things.

‘After buying a new home and having the basement completely finished, we realized we didn’t have enough storage space’ said Ted. ‘The garage seemed to be a collecting zone for everything we couldn’t find a place for.’

Ted, a handyman, hobbyist and talented woodworker, spends much of his time in the garage building things for his five grandchildren. He and Pat also use their garage to store their two cars, motorbike and camping gear. So the growing clutter occupying his new garage meant that he had no space for hobby work, little own to park.

After getting a few professional quotes, Pat and Ted toured the Dream Home Lottery show home featuring a spectacular garage donated and installed by Clever Quarters and decided to make a phone call.

‘The Clever Quarters designer that worked on our garage was very professional and gave us a quote within an hour and a half’ said Ted. ‘Best of all, by the end of his visit, we had a complete 3D diagram to help us visualize our new space.’

The garage was completely transformed in less than two days and consisted of:

  • Chip flooring (Sedona ¼”)
  • Two Overhead Rack above the garage door for to store lawn furniture, storage bins, holiday decor, camping gear and CDs and DVDs
  • A HeavyLift Hoist to store their lawnmower, table saw, tool box and pressure washer. The hoist can be lowered down to load and unload without a ladder
  • Wire Shelves on grids for shoes and recycle bins
  • Gridwall on the right wall to store their bike, golf gear, gardening tools and other sports gear
  • Cabinets with 6’ workbench space and built-in fridge

Pleased with the results, Ted commended the install crew for not only helping him layout the garage organizers that enabled him to get ‘everything off the floor’ but also for offering guidance on how to organize his space for his lifestyle.