Fun & Games: A Garage Turned Playroom

Posted on May 15, 2011 by Clever Quarters

Space, space, space, there’s never enough space. That’s the way the Fane family felt about their house this past winter. After enjoying a fantastic holiday with their one and a half year old daughter, parents Gwynne and Matthew struggled to find room to fit all her newly acquired toys.

Having moved from their small apartment downtown into a much larger house to accommodate their growing need for room, the Fane family quickly realized that it’s not how much space you have, it’s how well it’s organized.

“Our garage is very narrow and has a couple of design challenges that I worried would be show stoppers for the Clever Quarters crew” explains Gwynne. “But their design consultant was determined to make it work; he mocked up several options until we got the one that worked best for how we intended to use the space”.

Transforming their single car garage into storage and a playroom for their daughter, Gwynne and Matthew couldn’t be more pleased with the results. “We absolutely love our newly renovated garage”, said Matthew who shares the space with his daughter. “The cabinets have enabled me to organize everything that was in the garage already and lock it away so that little hands can’t get into them”.

Storing everything into orderly locked cabinets has made it possible to transform the space into a dual function room that can be used for storage and as a playroom and an extension of the home.

Garage Before
Garage After