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Murphy Wall Beds

As one of the leaders in Vancouver Wall beds, we can help you to create more space for hobbies, guests, work, and everyday living by using one of the best wall beds systems.

We offer a variety of murphy wall beds, fold-down beds, folding frames, and panel beds that can transform your closets, desks, and walls. These wall beds create practical spaces that are both functional and comfortable.

Our team of professional designers will work to create a solution that is great for you and your family, and we can also develop an extra wall closet if needed. Our murphy wall bed installation team can also implement that solution from beginning to end, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the product once it is finished.

There are unlimited uses for wall beds in the home. Our well designed, practical beds offer homeowners convenience and additional space to accommodate unexpected guests, grandchildren visits or even adult children returning to the nest on college breaks. They provide a comfortable and welcoming bed to sleep in that can easily be put out of sight when not in use.

Gone are the “Murphy” beds of decades ago that were cumbersome, unsightly and downright uncomfortable. Our modern wall systems are incredibly sturdy, safe and comfortable, with a variety of styles and sizes to meet every need. Professionally designed, these beds can even serve as an additional sleeping space for every day use. We create wall beds that blend perfectly with the design style of the room, making them undetectable to the casual visitor. Installation can be made in an existing closet or we can create a new wall closet in your home. Get started with an assessment that will be used to create plans that best meet your requirements.

Please call us today to arrange your free wall bed design consultation.