Leave your mud at the door

Make the most of your home entrance by transforming it into a functional mudroom. With added features and accessories, your mudroom will accommodate every member of the family.

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Mudroom and Entrance Closet

A mudroom or entryway closet helps in cutting down or eliminating tracking outside elements into the home. Transform your entryway closet or mudroom storage into an elegantly organized space that makes everyday living better and cleaner.

We can enhance your mudroom, regardless of whether it's the main point of entry, or your private secondary one. A mudroom or entryway closet may include items such as a seating bench to put on shoes, coat hooks , baskets, drawers, shoe storage, storage cabinets, lighting, or anything you need to make this space functional and attractive. In addition, we are able to design your mudroom so it flows with the design of your home, rather than looking like a dropped-in utilitarian space.

With innovative designs and a wide selection of quality finishes and clever accessories, our professional designers and installers can help you transform your entryway or mudroom to make it work for you.

mudroom Design ideas

Reach-In Entry Closet

Transform your current entry closet into a functional space that works for the whole family. Pull-out baskets are great for all those gloves, scarves and other little things that never seem to fit anywhere.

Multiple sizes of hanging rods are fabulous in an entryway, and are not just for coats!

Adjustable shelves make everything organized and easy to reach.

An Elegant Entrance

This custom entrance closet placed in a nook has it all:

  • Integrated seating area to change shoes
  • Pull-out drawers for easy access to daily items
  • Storage cabinets for storing shoes, hats and other household items
  • Coat and hat hooks
  • Baskets to store kids' accessories
  • Uninterrupted top shelf for larger items or decor

A Mudroom For A Busy Family

With plenty of space to put away all of your family's accessories, this mudroom helps you maintain a sense of order.

Featuring hooks for easy access to coats, drawers for putting away less used items, and pull out wire baskets so you never have to dig around to find your favourite boots. The open wire shelves also help your wet items dry thoroughly and keep mold from accumulating.

With plenty of hidden storage, you can keep your seasonal items tucked away until they're needed. Out of sight, out of mind, but well within reach!

Individual Sections for Individual Tastes

Create a sense of responsibility by allowing each family member their own section to use and maintain.

This mudroom features:

  • Dedicated cubbies for everyone in the household
  • Continuous seating area to change shoes and place bags
  • Hooks for hanging coats and jackets
  • Sliding baskets for easy access to daily items
  • A place to store everyday shoes under the sitting area
  • Closed off cabinets for other accessories or seasonal items


Enjoy a stylish, clever, custom closet with a wide selection of closets and cabinets finishes, lighting features and organization accessories to suit your lifestyle and coordinate with your home décor.

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