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  • Q: How long does it take to install a garage floor?

    A: Depending on the garage floor coating you choose, it can take one day or two days. We go through an extensive preparation process which includes grinding, shot blasting and concrete repair. You can return to your garage floor in 24 hours after installation at a 10 degree temperature.
  • Q: What are the minimum height requirements of the garage storage racks?

    A: We customize the storage racks to fit in your space. Your designer will be able to help you determine the best place to install the racks and tell you how much storage volume you can expect.

Garage Organization and Solutions

For the last seven years, we have been helping clients to transform their garages into functional and organized spaces. We offer extensive garage storage and garage organization options including overhead storage, wall organizers, floor coverings, and cabinets. Our garage organization systems can help you with all of your garage storage solutions needs. Garage Cabinets Our garage cabinets are both durable and functional, and they are built to last. They are also designed to withstand extreme shifts in temperature and heavy loads, and warping, sagging, and de-laminating are never worries with our products. We offer a variety of colors and finishes, and our cabinets work to extend the décor in your garage seamlessly. Best yet, you will get the appearance of expensive cabinets at a fraction of the price. We utilize CAD software so that our professional designers can create a cabinet system that will work best for you. Garage Wall Organizers Our garage wall organizers can help you to organize household items, garden tools, work tools, and sporting equipment. We offer a variety of expandable and affordable garage organizers, hangers, wall racks, shelving units, and overhead racks. These organizers are installed into the wall, and we utilize two superior organizational systems. Our two systems, Slatwall and Gridwall, can be installed into your wall directly so that you can attach accessories and hooks without drilling. Overhead Storage Are you running out of space in your storage area, shop, or garage? We offer several garage storage and shelving options to help you manage and organize your space. Our solutions for overhead storage issues are simple and affordable, and they are perfect for storing tires, holiday items, tires, tools, and other items that are causing clutter in your space. Our team of designers also works to determine other ways to use your space. Shelving System Our shelving systems are ventilated, strong, and versatile, so they are able to handle all of your garage storage needs. Our Freedom Railing, Gridwall, and Slatwall systems are epoxy coated and can withstand even the heaviest use and abuse.