Sliding Doors

Use sliding doors to improve the look and functionality of your closets, or use them as room dividers to add flexibility to your space.

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Sliding Doors

Indeco Door Systems offer a variety of door systems for any room, office or wardrobe space. Sliding doors will provide more space in your bedroom by not needing to open out and occupy floor space, and a mirrored sliding door can give the room a more spacious feel. Why settle for basic doors when you can have an attractive alternative that matches the overall decor of your space?

Indeco’s door hardware systems give maximum flexibility to create beautiful and truly unique wardrobe doors. Whether you’re considering mirrored doors, or colourful panels, Indeco has the quality European hardware you need to create beautiful wardrobe doors suitable for any purpose or vision.


Indeco Door Systems offers a variety of door systems for any room, office or wardrobe space. Find creative solutions for any of your open space problems with our sliding room dividers. They come in many standard sizes and patterns or can be custom designed and built. Mix and match frame colors and finishes to reflect your personal style and address your needs with unlimited possibilities. 

Room Dividers

Create a sense of order and separate your spaces, while still maintaining an open feeling with these clear, floor to ceiling sliding doors. Rails on top and bottom ensure a steady glide.

Closet Doors

Update the look of your space by utilizing bold, floor to ceiling sliding doors in a variety of colours and sheens. Expand access to your closet by replacing traditional bi-fold doors for a clean and custom look.

Wall Slide Doors

Create a sense of privacy when company is over by closing off private spaces. Slide the sleek doors out of the way once they're gone to allow more light to reach those spaces.

Sliding Door Ideas

Warm and Frosted

These frosted doors are perfect for adding a soft finish to your custom closet. Wide, horizontal panels create a visually calm space, perfect for a bedroom. The frosted glass finish also creates a softer feel, making your bedroom a cozier oasis to rest in.

Split Taupe and Wood Finish

With a variety of finishes and configurations to choose from, you can ensure that your closet doors suit your personal style and decor perfectly.

Keep the focus on your home's other bold design accessories by choosing a more subtle set of colours for your closet doors so that they complement rather than contrast with the existing decor.

Pretty in Pink

A splash of pink in an otherwise dark space gives these closet a bold look that is sure to stand out. A glossy finish paired with the matte surroundings wall coverings increases the contrast and add to the overall "pop" effect.

Customize your panels in a variety of shapes, colours, and sheens to achieve the perfect look for your space.

As Unique as You Are

You stand out--why shouldn't your closets?

With a broad range of colours and finishes to choose from, your closet doors can be an extension of your bright and colourful personality!

You can also customize the size of your partitions to create a variety of looks for a variety of spaces.

Green with Envy

We've got tonnes of colours for you to choose from, so don't be afraid to express yourself. Found the perfect chair for your office? Create your custom doors to match your space and your fab find.

Bring us your boldest idea, and we'll step up to the challenge!

Smooth and Sleek

For a more refined look, choose a simple chic white glossy finish. This elegant choice mirrors the simple furnishings in the space, and fits right in with the minimalist feel of the space.

You don't have to be bold to stand out.

Truly Custom Kitchen Pantry

Your sliding closet doors can be a seamless extension of your overall design scheme. For example, in this space the chosen panel colours are all found within the space and ordered in much the same way. Even the texture in the middle panel is made to match the texture of the counter top.

This creates a cohesive look and feel for the space and adds value to your home.

Separate Spaces with an Open Feel

With these lightly frosted floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, you can separate spaces without creating a cramped space, or compromising the open nature of your home.

Invite in the sun, and keep out pets or guests without closing off the space entirely.

Slide into Luxury

Welcome natural light into multiple spaces by opening up the walls and replacing them with sliding doors. This can make any room feel extra luxurious, spacious, and more open.

Even when closed, the frosted panels on these doors allow for natural light to get into the space, cutting down on mould growth.

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