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Polyaspartic Garage Flooring

Manufactured by Sika®, our flooring system is ideal for the garage flooring application and most reliable floor coating system on the market. It is both easy to maintain and attractive. Clever Quarters Garage Flooring system is commercial grade concrete floor paint which works to enhance any space. You can choose from a variety of popular colors or from one of our unique and customized signature blends.

Clever Quarters polyaspartic garage flooring  is an entirely modular system, and it contains three materials that, if combined, can be used on garage flooring with varying levels of performance and aesthetic attributes. Additionally, this garage floor coating is enhanced with resinous flooring technology, unlike other coatings that cannot stand extreme temperature changes or high traffic volume. This coating is resilient to the elements and wear and tear. It is also resistant to stains, spills, and slips.

Our garage flooring is installed by our professional installation team, and the project can be completed in 1-2 days. It also comes with a warranty so that you can feel secure in your investment.

Clever Quarters Garage Flooring Advantage

Our garage flooring system will completely change the appearance of your garage flooring. Other characteristics of this coating include:

Standard Colors and Finishes

Clever Quarters garage flooring comes in numerous chip flooring and standard solid finishes. Both options are available in both standard solid and in chip flooring finishes. Each option is available in ¼” and 1/8” chip sizes.

Decorative Chip Floor Coating Finishes 

gallery thumbnailDesert 1/4
gallery thumbnailDesert 1/8
gallery thumbnailBlue Ice 1/4
gallery thumbnailTerra Cotta 1/4
gallery thumbnailQuartzsite 1/4
gallery thumbnailSedona 1/4"
gallery thumbnailScottsdale 1/4
gallery thumbnailSedona 1/8"
gallery thumbnailScottsdale 1/8
gallery thumbnailMojave 14
gallery thumbnailGraphite 1/4
gallery thumbnailGraphite 1/8
gallery thumbnailSmoke 1/4
gallery thumbnailSmoke 1/8

High-Gloss Solid Floor Coating Finishes

gallery thumbnailRaffia
gallery thumbnailBeige Rose
gallery thumbnailSteel Gray
gallery thumbnailOxford Gray

Signature Blends Garage Flooring Finishes

Our collection of signature blends offers 270 chip flooring blends which are custom ordered and can be mixed to create a variety of color combinations. You can incorporate color schemes form surrounding materials in order to unit unique environmental design elements. You can also choose to pair colors that are dissimilar and at opposite sides of the spectrum of colors in order to create a dramatic effect. Creating a calming and subtle combination by mixing adjacent and similar colors is also a popular option.

Resinous chip flooring is becoming increasingly popular among consumers, contractors, designers, and architects because it can be completely customized. There are a variety of blending, size, style, and texture options available regardless of whether you need this garage floor coating for industrial, commercial, or residential applications.

We provide you with the tools to design your own blend, and we offer over 150 color options including black-light, vari-color chips, vinyl sold chips, and glow in the dark chips. With all of these options, we can help you to crease a garage floor coating that will work for you and your needs.