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Driveway Concrete Sealant Solutions

PremierRepel 701W helps to ensure the appearance and life of your sidewalk, driveway, patio flooring, deck, or walkway. This concrete sealant works by penetrating concrete, brick, and stone to provide a color-free barrier that is free of solvents, water repellent, and economical.

PremierRepel also works as a driveway sealant that can enhance the integrity of a surface regardless of the climate. It can protect surfaces from freezing temperatures, road salts, and moisture that are known for causing degradation. Since this sidewalk sealant does not deteriorate when exposed to UV rays, it positively benefits the life expectancy of the surface. Additionally, PremierRepel protects against corrosion caused by chloride ions, and this is especially important within coastal environments.

Features of PremierRepel 701W include:

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