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Commercial Flooring & Industrial Floor Coatings

SikaFloor® Commercial Flooring serves a dual component, low viscosity, high strength, and self-priming epoxy resin binder that is pigmented. It is also free of silicone and solvent. Due to these properties, it is commonly used with a large percentage of commercial flooring in Vancouver, and it can be used within the following systems:

Smooth Finish Coating (System 1)

Thickness: Between 20 and 30 mils

Thixo Coating (System 2)

Thickness: Between 20 and 24 mils

Neat and/or Broadcast Surfacing (System 3)

Thickness: Between 2 and 3 mm (or 5/16 to 1/8 in)

Self-Leveling and Broadcast Surfacing (System 4)

Thickness: Between 3 and 6 mm (or 1/8 to 1/4 in)

5 Self-Leveling Smooth Surfacing (System 5)

Thickness: Between 2 and 4 mm (or 70 to170 mils)

Mortar Screen (System 6)

Thickness: Between 3 and 6 mm (Or 1/8 to 1/4 in)


Regardless of the project size or space, you can select a floor color and texture that will meet the requirements of your job. We offer nine standard colors, six floor textures, and custom colors that come from RAL Classic Palette.

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